Our Experience

DP Consultants (DPC) has a proven track record with multifarious projects designed and implemented in Singapore and globally. Their extensive experience in Project Management has contributed to the successful completion of many notable buildings in Singapore and globally. The experience of working on the construction of small and large-scale projects in Southeast Asia and the Middle East provided the team with invaluable exposure to both design and management issues influencing sustainable practices. These extended and varied experiences have led to the development of established management protocols, which aim to utilise resources efficiently and achieve building sustainability.
Among their portfolio of works is the integrated resort development at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS). Tasked to see to the project completion within five years, DPC not only oversaw coordination and planning of activities in the construction process but also undertook advanced planning of engagements with agencies to manage the potential risks that could arise under various project circumstances and completion stages. This ensured that the series of Temporary Occupation Permit approval milestones were not derailed.  
They also adopted diverse and innovative techniques to propel the project forward within an accelerated timeline. Critical Path Analysis, continuous Risk Assessment Checks and Mitigations, and various forms of Programme Evaluation & Review Techniques were employed throughout various stages of the project to ascertain that all required works were completed effectively and efficiently within time and the structured contractual context.
Additionally, DPC adopted holistic Project Management approaches that not only involved the standard PM tools of systems and processes, but also the use of psychological and motivational tools, including the generation of eye-catching posters with memorable slogans to steer and align the entire Project Team towards common goals. These programmes are structured with clear project milestones, sequenced to achieve the most efficient results via iterative reviews and inspections. This enabled DPC professionals to achieve prescriptive project objectives that are mutually agreed with clients; completing the large-scale RWS project on schedule, within budget and to the highest quality.
Services that DPC offer include the initiation and assimilation of the Project Brief, Feasibility Studies, Project Team Assembly, Concept Design Planning, Development Budgeting, Development Master Scheduling, Quality Planning, Concept Design Planning, Development Budgeting, Development Master Scheduling, Quality Planning, Design Development Review and Implementation Programming. DPC also provides services during tender and construction stages with Contractor Selection, Negotiation and Management, Cost/Schedule Control and Quality Assurance, Technical Support, Procurement/Tender Management and Post-Contract Management.

Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore
Fullerton Hotel, Singapore
OUE Twin Peaks, Singapore