Our People

Director Lee Shee Koeng

Photo of Lee Shee Koeng
Good design does good for those engaged and inspires the engaged into doing good.

Mr Lee Shee Koeng’s first project, upon joining DP Architects after graduation in 1992, was to lead a team from the design development to contract administration stages of Temasek Polytechnic Campus.

Following the effective completion of the project, Shee Koeng’s portfolio expanded; amassing experience in a wide variety of typologies including Residential, Institution, Retail and Mixed Developments. He was intensely involved in each of his projects, managing them from design to developmental stages.

In 2014, Shee Koeng joined Far East Organization (FEO) as its Executive Director of Property Services where he oversaw all developments from land acquisition to full implementation, Customer Service and Estate Management. He resumes his role as a board director at DPA in 2019, bringing with him an impressive track record and wealth of experience.

Shee Koeng believes in creating people-centric designs by incorporating not only clients' but end-users' aspirations into a building. He is an advocate for thoughtfulness in design processes which will naturally lay the foundations for good architecture. His deep understanding of clients’ expectations across various typologies combines with a keen alignment with DP’s cultures and values make him an asset to DPA’s One Global Studio ethos.