The Firm

A specialist Project Management Consultant, DP Consultants (DPC) offers a complete spectrum of professional services through all phases of a project from pre-development to post-construction, with a clear focus on the successful delivery of building projects for clients. Their mission is to enable the delivery of excellent architecture and design through management. In other words, DPC performs as an iterative platform between design architects, clients and industry consultants. They assimilate and streamline practical knowledge with an understanding of and appreciation for the creative design process so as to translate the client’s vision into a realistic product. To achieve this, DPC is equipped with the talent, the know-how and the in-house programming capabilities necessary to anticipate, resolve and conclude issues that are raised during project development.
DPC’s specialist programming teams are comprised of project managers, resident engineers, resident architects, site superintendents, quantity surveyors, planners, inspectors, contract administrators and commercial experts. Working in close collaboration with leading developers across a wide range of complex projects, each professional comes with in-depth specialist knowledge and experience of the construction industry. They also work closely with Quantity Surveyors and Cost Consultants, while assisting clients in the analysis of project details, evaluation of design objectives, planning, management, identification of potential construction troubles and deriving solutions. The aim of this competent pool of specialists is to significantly add value to projects and help clients meet all targets.

DUO, Singapore
Southbank, Singapore
Menara Standard Chartered Bank, Malaysia