Design for Safety Professional

Our DfS Professional (DfSP) shall work closely with the project teams to perform the necessary checks and audits to ensure safe design and building practices are adopted throughout the project, from the initial design stage all through and up to completion and maintenance.

At project inception, the DfSP shall carry out briefing to all project parties on the DfS principles, methodologies, and roles and responsibilities of project personnel to ensure alignment on the practices.

In addition, the DfSP shall conduct regular DfS meetings at every project stage to identify, address, eliminate or reduce as far as reasonably practicable, design and workplace risks. The DfSP shall also lead in facilitating and promoting the DfS Review process such that all project parties consider the hazards and risks of maintaining the systems and equipment related to the project.

The DfS Professional shall not be responsible for, or directly involved in, the safety and health at the construction site, nor shall the DfS Professional take over responsibilities of the Designers or Contractors.